Welcome to the V-Beast Wiki

This is a wiki for V-Beasts, a series started on deviantART. The first three were posted both on dA and here, but later numbers in the series will be posted here only.

V-Beasts are creatures from another planet, known as Akarus. The planet is divided into multiple parts, each focusing on a certain element. Akarus also has a moon, and the moon holds all of the truly "alien" creatures. V-Beasts were thrown away from their planet by a mysterious disaster, and trapped in "V-Pods", light violet jewel-like orbs that shatter and reform into the V-Beast they are associated with when exposed to high heat. When they are found, they are brought to the V-Beast Foundation for study, and given a number.

(More detail will come in time. V-Beasts's storyline is being built as I go along.)


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