Many people believe that shadow beasts are impossible. This creature proves they are dead wrong. V-005 is a small shadow, with no explanation as to how it exists like so. It moves by "swimming" across walls, ceilings, and floors, and cannot walk due to the odd nature of its pincer-like legs. It can touch any living being's shadow, and even ride on it. The being feels nothing, but can see V-005 clinging to it.

If V-005 is angered, it can bite whatever creature angered it. That creature wil contract shadow fever. They get a very high fever and flu-like symptoms at first, but eventually their body will experience structural failure and they will simply fall apart and somehow melt. What was their shadow becomes an instance of V-005-1. These are shadow wisps that immediately report to V-005 through any method possible and fly "over" it, entering it and becoming part of it.