V-Beast 003

V-003 is divided into two halves. They cannot split, as the halves are joined at the waist, near where the tail starts. Each half is centric to a certain element (fire/water), and their odd "tongues" as well as the fur on their heads and their color show this visually. The water half is essentially harmless for the most part, due to its cheery disposition and curiosity toward humans. However if forced to fight, it does so with high-pressure jets of water. The fire half has a much less cheery disposition, being constantly angry. It's also much less harmless, as it spits flames in many forms. It can shoot fire normally, spit fireballs, and if it's really angry, it can shoot "liquid fire"- an unknown substance in a liquid state, which sticks to any surface and can burn anything flammable with great ease.

The halves have two different brains and fight with each other very often. The creature is genderless, but the water half has a distinctly female voice while the fire half's voice is more masculine.