V-SERIES Number Beast 001

V-001 is fairly abstract. It looks perfectly solid and has an obsidian-like sheen on black areas of its body, but those areas are actually incorporeal and can be passed through. It does not need to eat or drink, but that makes it all the more dangerous. Its attacks are not limited by the size of its stomach. Instead it attacks simply to entertain itself. How does it attack? By slicing into its victims with its bright red first claw. The blue spines along its back also work, but it uses them more for defense. They are not always there; it raises them out of its body at will. The same retractability is visible in the blades on its tail.

The "mouth" appears blue, but that's its tongue showing through odd gaps in the jawline where the jaws do not line up. When it opens its mouth, it reveals that the inside of its body is actually a very dark red. It can solidify any part of its body at will, so it can hold things. It enjoys watching objects and creatures go right through it, however. Its bright white eyes tend to be its only giveaway in the darkness, as they glow very brightly.