V-000's origin is a mystery. Very little is known about her, other than the fact that she is confirmed female. She refers to herself as "The Fallen Savior", and she is the only V-Beast to remember how she and the rest of them arrived on Earth. She is very sure that there is some way she and her "family" can get back to their home, and she is always searching for escape from Earth.

According to her, many V-Beasts were thrown away from their planet by a disaster of which her memory is foggy on. While drifting aimlessly through space, she felt her body crystallizing, and suddenly she lost consciousness. She had lost her true form. Trapped in V-Pods, her and her fellow V-Beasts flew to Earth, and they crashed in random locations, some in the ocean. V-000 had the luck to land near a lava flow, allowing her freedom immediately.